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March 2009
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Neighbourhood policing: what’s in it for you?
By Lesley Roche, Thames Valley Police

A belated Happy New Year from the Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team!

It has been over a year since our last community meeting and the inception of the Chesham rural Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG). We would just like to update you on some of the work that has been done. The three issues that were raised last year were speeding, littering/fly tipping and general road conditions.

The pot-hole issue was already being tackled by the County Council and a schedule of works had already been drawn up by them. The NAG helped by using their communication methods to promote the message that this work was to go ahead.

The next issue tackled and still currently being worked on is speeding. Enforcement of the speed limit is now routinely being carried out in Chartridge Lane. SID (Speed Indicator Device) and laser have also been used in Asheridge.

Would you like to represent your village on the NAG as The Lee does not currently have a representative? If you feel that your community has issues which the NAG maybe could help you with please let us know.

One of our initiatives in the rural area is to try and recruit as many people as possible to our Country Watch Scheme. One of our greatest challenges is to not only keep you all advised of any crime or incidents in the area but also to encourage you to phone with any suspicious behaviour, to enable us to be pro-active rather than reactive.

This means from village to village as well as neighbour to neighbour. The people who commit crime in the area do not wish us to have good communication. This scheme can enable us to establish this over the entire rural area that we cover.

If you would like to sign up to the scheme please email me at or call me on 08458 505505 or leave a message on this number if I am not there.

We would also love to hear from you if you run any social groups or events that you would like us PCSOs to attend. You can see us all in the ‘mug shots’ above!

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