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Crossroads 2 Dear Diary

The fastest way to let everyone in the Parish know about an event you are arranging is to publish it in The Lee Newsletter, knowing that it will then automatically find its way here.

Contact: Paul Apicella   01494 837377  by the 12th of the previous month.


Thursday 5th The Lee Walking Group Meet on the green at 9:30 am.  
Thursday 5th Ballinger Horticultural Society Spring Show    
Saturday 7th Coffee Morning At Lee Common Methodist Church
Tuesday 10th Ballinger Evening W.I. ‘Wild Flowers’ with Brenda Harold, 8:00pm.  
Monday 16th Coffee morning At St Marys, Ballinger. 10:00 am-12 noon.  
Sunday 22nd The Annual Parochial Church Meeting St John the Baptist church after the 10:00 am service.  
Sunday 22nd The Lee Shop AGM   See April Newsletter
Thursday 26th The Arts Society Ballinger ‘The Amadeus Myth: Mozart (1756-91) and his world of culture’ with Sandy Burnett, 8:00 pm. Guests £8.  

Coming Sooon

Thursday 3rd May The Lee Walking Group Meet on the green at 9:30 am.  
Thursday 3rd May Ballinger Horticultural Society ‘The Victorian Garden of Mary A Disraeli’ with Piers Hory: 8:00 pm.  
Saturday 5th May Coffee Morning at the Methodist Church.  
Saturday 5th May Greek Food Event at the Shop   See April Newsletter
Tuesday 8th May The Lee Parish Council Meeting at the Parish Hall 7:30 pm  
Tuesday 8th May Ballinger Evening WI ‘My Cousin Henry, from Adberg to Antarctica ‘with Jo Laurie: 8:00 pm.  
Tuesday 22nd May The Lee Annual Parish Meeting   See April Newsletter
Thursday 31st May The Arts Society Ballinger ‘The Scoliotic Knight: Reconstructing the Real Richard III’ with Tobias Copwell: 8:00 pm. Guests £8.  
Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June St Mary’s Ballinger Jo Laurie’s Art Exhibition.  
Thursday 7th June Ballinger Horticultural Society ‘Life and work of gardener E A Bowles’ with Brian Hewitt: 8:00 pm.  
Tuesday 12th June Ballinger Evening WI ‘Silversmith’ with Juliette Orton: 8:00 pm.  
Saturday 16th June The Lee Church Fete   See April Newsletter
Saturday 23rd June The Lee Old Church A Midsummer Concert - an informal classical musical evening with Olwen Morris and Anna de Bruin.  
Thursday 28th June The Arts Society Ballinger ‘Cartier 1900-1939: Jeweller of Genius’ with Judy Rudoe: 8:00 pm. Guests £8.  
Thursday 5th July Ballinger Horticultural Society Saville Gardens’ with Roger Askew: 8:00 pm.  
Sunday 8th July British Summer Time Hyde Park Eric Clapton (aka God) and his band in concert.  
Tuesday 10th July Ballinger Evening WI ‘The Disappearance of Major Glen Miller’ with Tony Eaton: 8:00 pm.  
Tuesday 10th July The Lee Parish Council Meeting at the Parish Hall 7:30 pm.  
Saturday 21st July The Lee Flower Show    
Tuesday 11th September Ballinger Evening WI ‘Jordan – Land of the Black Iris’ with John Noakes: 8:00 pm.  
Thursday 26th July The Arts Society Ballinger ‘Galle, Lalique and their Contemporary French Glassmakers’ with Dianna Lloyd: 8:00 pm. Guests £8  
Tuesday 9th October Ballinger Evening WI The Spy Who Loved Himself’ with Michael Kushner: 8:00 pm.  
Tuesday 13th November Ballinger Evening W Supershoes’ with Anne Bauling: 8:00 pm.  
Tuesday 11th December Ballinger Evening WI. Christmas Party