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Crossroads 2 Dear Diary

The fastest way to let everyone in the Parish know about an event you are arranging is to publish it in The Lee Newsletter, knowing that it will then automatically find its way here.

Contact: Paul Apicella   01494 837377  by the 12th of the previous month.

Every Sunday : July to September Cream Teas at The Old Church. 3-5:00 pm.


Saturday 1st Coffee Morning at Lee Common Methodist Church.  
Saturday 1st Parish Council Drop-in 10:00 am to noon at the Parish Hall. Come along and let us know what’s on your mind. See July Newsletter
Sunday 2nd Open gardens At Pond Cottage, Oxford Street and 5 Martindell Cottages. 6:00 to 8:00 pm in aid of ‘Greenfingers’ Charity. Admission £4.00 which includes a glass of Pimms.  
Tuesday 4th The Lee Parish Council Meeting at the Parish Hall 7:30 pm.  
Thursday 6th The Lee Walking Group Meet on The Lee Green at 9:30 am.
Tuesday 11th Ballinger Evening WI ‘Heathrow: How it works’ with Richard Smith at 8:00 pm.
Saturday 15th The Lee Flower Show ... in the afternoon followed by The Lee Flower Show Dance in the evening. See July Newsletter

Coming Soon

Thursday 3rd August The Lee Walking Group On the Green at 9:30 am.  
Saturday 5th August Coffee Morning at Lee Common Methodist Church.  
Saturday 9th September Organist Martin Paxton. Afternoon concert at St John the Baptist. Details to follow in September.  
Tuesday 12th September The Lee Parish Council Meeting at the Parish Hall 7:30 pm  
Tuesday 12th September Ballinger Evening WI ‘The History of Buttons’ with Rupert Matthews at 8:00 pm.  
Tuesday 10th October Ballinger Evening WI ‘A Korean Wedding’ with Sandra Hurst at 8:00 pm.  
Sunday 5th November Bonfire night at 5:30 pm - early notice!  
Saturday 11th November Christmas fair at The Shop - ditto! See July Newsletter
Tuesday 14th November Ballinger Evening WI

‘Straitjackets, Corsets and Cribs’ with Colin Oakes at 8:00 pm.

Saturday 18th November Roving Supper early notice!  
Friday 24th November or Friday 1st December Newsletter Annual Dinner (Final date to be confirmed in September.)