Oxford Street re-surfacing – 27th-29th July 2019

We have today (26th July) had the following confirmation from Bucks CC.

I am emailing to inform you that we are due to start the micro-surfacing in Oxford Street, Lee Common from tomorrow (27th July) however the weather forecast tomorrow is rain for the majority of the day and Sunday’s forecast is mixed.
We are putting “no parking” notices on any vehicles that are parked on the road this afternoon – these give the working dates as Sunday and Monday. We do not anticipate that we the crew will lay any material tomorrow unless the forecast changes dramatically overnight. The road markings will follow within a couple of weeks of completion of the micro surfacing and will incorporate the new lining scheme.
Kind regards,
Mary McElhinney, Countywide Schemes Delivery Co-Ordinator
(email icon mmcelhinney@buckscc.gov.uk)