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Your Shop Needs You!

Shop at The Lee is looking for a person to take on an important voluntary role in supporting this vital community asset. This entails keeping the accounting records using QuickBooks, an easy-to-use online system which is already set up and running successfully. The system allows for access from a home computer at times to suit the individual. A dedicated laptop computer is available.

The expected time commitment is about 1 hour per week plus 4 additional hours at month end. Full training will be given and there will be strong ongoing support. Whilst any form of previous bookkeeping experience would be useful, somebody who is interested could be taught the necessary procedures.

For further information please email <shop@thelee.org.uk> or phone Symeon on 01494 866995.

Photograph of coins“DSC_6742” by incurable_hippie is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0