Areas of Responsibility

The list below shows the lead councillor for areas of Parish Council responsibility, and also clarifies where ultimate responsibility lies with either Buckinghamshire Country Council (BCC) or Chiltern District Council (CDC). If you wish to contact the relevant councillor, please click on their highlighted name to send an email.

Should you have a query in an area not listed below, please contact the Clerk in the first instance.

Allotments: Councillor Alison Weir

BALC: Councillor Colin Sully
Cllr Sully is the Parish Council’s representative on BALC (Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Association of Local Councils) which is an organisation serving Town, Parish and Community Councils throughout the County of Buckinghamshire.

Benches: Councillor Ruth Fowler and Councillor Carol Perry
• Benches at Swan Bottom and Field End Lane are the responsibility of Cllr Fowler
• Benches and picnic table at the playground and allotments are the responsibility of Cllr Perry
• All other benches in the parish are the responsibility of the donors/landowners

Boundaries at the allotments and children’s playground: Councillor Carol Perry
Cllr Perry has responsibility for the hedges, trees, grassed areas, fences and gates at the playground and allotments.

Boundary hedges: Councillor Colin Little
See Roads

Broadband: Councillor Simon Morris
Cllr Morris is responsible for liaising with Openreach and Connected Counties on behalf of the Parish Council. Further details can be found here.

Finance: Councillor Colin Sully
Cllr Sully leads the Finance Group within the Parish Council. The latest financial statements can be found here.

Flytipping: Councillor Colin Little
Unlike planned waste collection which is the responsibility of CDC, flytipping is considered a Highways issue and therefore is the responsibility of BCC. Flytipping can be reported directly to BCC or raised with Cllr Little who will report the problem on your behalf.

Footpaths and bridleways: Councillor Dick Chinnery
Although keeping footpaths and bridleways clear is the responsibility of the landowner, BCC are responsible for ensuring that this is done. BCC are also responsible for ensuring that gates, stiles and signposts are kept in good order, although quite a lot of the work is actually carried out by the Chiltern Society.
Cllr Chinnery is the designated lead councillor for liaising with BCC on all aspects of public rights of way (i.e. footpaths and bridleways) but each councillor has a section of the parish for which they are responsible for checking all paths, signs and stiles at least twice per year.
If you encounter any problems when out walking or riding they can be reported directly to BCC or – for issues within the parish – they can be raised with Cllr Chinnery who will report them on your behalf.
Note: BCC have an excellent online map of all footpaths – those with a reference starting TLE are within the parish.

HS2: Councillor Colin Sully
Cllr Sully leads the HS2 Group within the Parish Council and is the main point of contact with HS2 and their contractors. For the latest news on HS2, see here.

Jubilee Well: Councillor Ruth Fowler

LAF: Councillor Colin Little
Cllr Little is the Parish Council’s representative on the Chesham & Chiltern Villages Local Area Forum (LAF) which includes the town of Chesham plus the parishes of Ashley Green, Chartridge, Cholesbury-cum St Leonards, Latimer and The Lee.

Notice boards: Councillor Ruth Fowler
The Parish Council is responsible for the upkeep of their notice board at the entrance to the Parish Hall; all other notice boards are maintained by the householders on whose land they sit.
Council notices are always posted on the notice board at the entrance to the Parish Hall, with many notices also being posted on theboard at the Guild Room.

All planning decisions are the responsibility of CDC, however the Parish Council will always comment on all applications. Further details can be found here.
Whenever a new application is received by the Parish Council it will be allocated to a specific councillor in turn to take the lead; that councillor may consult affected neighbours before drafting a proposed response based on any feedback and further research. Other councillors will then have the opportunity to comment on the draft response before it is agreed and submitted to CDC.

Playground equipment: Councillor Simon Morris and Councillor Ruth Fowler
• All play equipment located in the playground is the responsibility of Cllr Morris
• The basketball net located at the Parish Hall is the responsibility of Cllr Fowler

Potholes: Councillor Colin Little
Potholes can be reported directly to BCC, or please notify Cllr Little who will raise them on your behalf.

Public transport: Councillor Ruth Fowler

Roads: Councillor Colin Little
All aspects of roads including flooding, drainage, speed limits, potholes, road closures, hedges and verges are the responsibility of BCC, however Cllr Little is the Parish Council’s desigated lead for liaising with BCC.

Roadside verges: Councillor Colin Little
Roadside verges are technically the responsibility of BCC, however in reality many householders and landowners take responsibility for the hedges and verges bordering their land.

Task Force: Councillor Dick Chinnery
The Task Force is a group of volunteers who carry out small maintenance tasks on Parish property on an ad hoc basis. It is co-ordinated by Cllr Chinnery, and is always on the lookout for new volunteers with basic DIY skills.

War Memorial: Councillor Ruth Fowler

Waste collection and management: Councillor Colin Sully
Weekly collections and emptying of public rubbish bins are the responsibility of CDC. Any problems can be reported directly to CDC here.

Website: Councillor Ruth Fowler and Councillor Colin Sully