Christmas Order Form

For all your poultry, beef, pork, lamb and other meat orders.
Last date for orders is Saturday 12th December, following which it will not be possible to cancel or amend your order.

For all your bread, croissant and cake orders.
Last date for orders is Monday 21st December.
Please note that the next Darvells delivery after 24th December will not be until 2nd January 2021

For all your fruit and vegetable orders.
Last date for orders is Saturday 19th December.

Use this form for:
* milk, cream, yogurt and eggs from Martin the Milkman
* ethnic favourites including Italian pizza bases and Greek olives, cheeses and baklava
* New this year: Shop at The Lee Boxing Day Hamper – click for more details
Last date for orders is Saturday 19th December.

Frequently asked questions

Can I save my order and complete it later?

No, but you can submit multiple orders. Just add what you know initially, and then come back later and submit another order for the remainder.

I’ve forgotten an item, can I recall my order to add it?

No, once submitted you can’t amend the order. You can however just submit another order with the missing item(s).

I’d like to change the quantity on an order, how can I do this?

If you want to increase the quantity, just submit another order for the increased quantity.
If you want to decrease the quantity, please submit a new order with details of the cancelled item(s) in the “Special Requests” box at the end ot the order form. Please note that it is not possible for any King’s Farm orders to be amended or cancelled after Saturday 12th December.

I’d like to order more than one of a type of meat that’s sold by weight, but I can’t see how to do this. The same applies to bread and cakes where I can only add one type that isn’t specifically itemised. How can I order a second?

Just submit another order for the second piece of meat or second type of ‘other’ bread or cake, or add a comment in the “Special Requests” box at the end of the order form.

How can I double check what I’ve ordered?

Everything you’ve ordered will have been confirmed in an itemised email.

Do I need to complete my meat order at the same time as my bread order?

No, each order type is completely separate, so you can complete them whenever you like.

I can’t get down to the Parish Hall to collect my order, can you deliver?

We have limited delivery resources, so can only deliver to those who are shielding and live within The Lee Parish, Ballinger or Potter Row. If you qualify, please indicate that you would like a delivery at the end of your order, and provide your address in the “Special Requests” box.