From the Newsletter Archives – A History

In 2011, to commemorate 100 years since the creation of the civil parish in its present form (in March) and 100 years since the completion of the Parish Church as it currently stands (in May), the newsletter published a series of articles on the history of The Lee over the course of the year. These articles are reproduced below.

Part 1: In the Beginning
Part 2: 12th to 16th Centuries
Part 3: 16th to 19th Centuries
Part 4: The 1911 Parish
Part 5: The ‘new’ St John the Baptist Church
Part 6: The ‘new’ St John the Baptist Church cont’d...
Part 7: Non-conformist Lee
Part 8: The Lee in the First World War: July 1916
Part 9: The Liberty Legacy
Part 10: Modern Times
Part 11: What Does the Future Hold for The Lee?