Correcting a Post

It’s often the case that you click Submit on a post – whether it’s a new topic or a reply – only to realise you’ve made a mistake!

Initially it was possible to correct a post within the first ten minutes, as outlined below, however this feature gave rise to some problems and confusion. Over half of forum members receive email notifications of new posts, but no new notifications are sent if a post is amended. This gave rise to an extreme example where:

  • a post was made regarding a lost dog
  • the post was quickly amended to instead report that the dog had since been reunited with its owner
  • those forum members reliant on emails would never have received a notification that the dog had been reunited with the owner
  • those forum members logged in to the forum and reading through the posts would never see the original post reporting the dog having been lost

To avoid confusion, it was therefore decided to remove this functionality completely.

If you realise you have made a mistake, the recommended course of action is to post a reply to your initial post, clarifying the required correction.

Correcting an error – past functionality now withdrawn

Just click the Edit button above the post, make the required changes and click Submit when you’re done.

Screenshot pointing out the Edit button

Notifications of posts are sent to all subscribers immediately after they are newly submitted, hence please note:

  • The ability to change a post is restricted to 10 minutes after the post has originally been made. This is because it is only intended for minor corrections, not significant alterations. Notifications are not sent after changes have been made, and it would be very confusing if a post could be changed considerably after the original content had been notified. Any changes needed after the 10 minutes have elapsed must be made by replying to the erroneous post, pointing out the oversights.
  • Similarly, it is not possible for a user to delete a post because they’ve changed their mind, as again it would be very confusing for a user to receive a notification about a post that no longer exists.

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