Creating Links and Attachments

You can add a number of types of external information to a post, whether it is the creation of a new topic or a reply to an existing topic.

screenshot highlighting the icons to click in order to add attachments or links

Linking to an external website

A popup will open, into which you can paste the URL of the website to which you wish to link.

screenshot of the basic link entry box

Click the gear icon at the right, to open up a further popup which will allow you to enter full details of your link.

screenshot on how to insert a link in a post

When all the details are complete, press Add Link to include the link in the body of your post

Linking to an external image held elsewhere on the internet

A popup window will open , in which you can enter the URL of the image in the Source box, plus a description of the image. If required, you can also edit the dimensions.

screenshot example of how to insert a link to an image

Once you click OK the selected image will then be displayed in the reply box, ready for you to submit your reply.

Uploading files

If you want to add a file to your post:

  • click the Choose File button to browse your computer for the file to be uploaded
  • drag the file to be uploaded to the Choose File button

Please note that Word and Excel documents etc. cannot be uploaded, only image files and PDF documents. Up to five files can be attached to a post, of up to 2mb each in size.

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