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Forum Home

The top navigation bar is always present while in the forum. It is your gateway to all the essential functions.

screenshot of the forum home screen, with items flagged 1) Forum Home button 2) Subscriptions 3) Activity 4) Logout 5) Search 6) Overview breadcrumb 7) Village Forums heading
  1. Forum. Clicking this will return you to the Overview which is considered the forums ‘home’.
  2. Subscriptions.  Clicking this link will show you the topics and forums to which you are subscribed to get email notifications about activity. You can also use this link to subscribe to all topics /posts.
  3. Activity. Clicking this icon will show recent posts across all forums.
  4. Logout -or- Login & Register.
    • If you are logged in, clicking Logout will log you out.
    • If you are not logged in, clicking Login will let you log in. If you are not registered, clicking Register will allow you to submit a registration application
  5. Search Box.  Entering text and pressing the Return or Enter Key will do a search across all forums for the text entered. Both topic titles and post contents will be searched.
  6. Breadcrumb.  This line below the links is known as a “breadcrumb” – see below for further details. It serves 2 purposes:
    • It informs you where you are in the forum.
    • You can click any of the labels to go to that part of the forum.
  7. Village forums. All available forums will be shown below this heading.
screenshot showing the summary of posts (number 8) and statisitcs (number 9)

Below the list of forums there are two additional pieces of information:

  1. Posts Indicators. These colored circles indicate the color of the forum icon in available forums as follows: When there is a New posts (topic or comment), the icon for that forum will be blue to indicate there is a new topic or comment. When you read the topics/comments in that specific forum and then return to the forum home, the icon will turn grey to indicate it has been read.
    When there is Nothing new in a forum, the icon for that forum will be grey .
    Also included on this line is your ability to mark all forums as having been read. Simply click Mark As Read and everything (all unread topics and comments) will be considered read and the page will be refreshed to show you that happened.
  2. Statistics. On this line, you can see the total of all Topics, Posts, Views, Users and number of Online users.

Navigation Breadcrumbs

The line below the top navigation bar links is known as a “navigation breadcrumb“. It serves two purposes:

  • It tells you where you are in the forum. In this example, you are in the topic Lost Dog near Ballinger Bottom that is in the forum Village Forums: Lost and Found
  • You can click any of the labels to go to that part of the forum. So, in this example, you can click on:
    • Lost Dog near Ballinger Bottom (which is meaningless because this is where you are)
    • Village Forums: Lost and Found which will take you to that forum showing a list of topics
    • Overview which will take you to the forum ‘home’
screenshot of the breadcrumb navigation: the first part goes to the forum home, the second to the specified forum and the third to the specified topic

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