The financial control and governance of The Lee Parish Council are regulated under The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014, The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 and The Smaller Authorities (Transparency Regulations) England) 2015/494.

Published information regarding the governance of the council and the dates on which policies were last reviewed and adopted includes:

1. Code of Conduct for Elected and co-opted Members (Nov 2012)
2. List of Cllr responsibilities (also included in 5 below) (July 2018)
3. Financial Regulations (Jan 2019)
4. Parish Council Meetings (Jan 2018)
5. Risk Assessment (including allocation of Responsibilities) (July 2018)
6. Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities (Dec 2014)
7. Planning Application Procedures (July 2016)
8. Management of volunteers on minor works (April 2016)
9. Annual Governance Statements (see Finance) (Annually)
10. Standing Orders (Nov 2019)
11. Privacy Notice and Policy (July 2019)
12. Press and Media Policy (Nov 2019)