HS2 in The Lee

A map showing all the works to be carried out in the local area for HS2: nine bridges, two viaducts, embankments, cuttings, a cut and cover tunnel at Wendover plus the portal and shafts of the main Chiltern Tunnel which ends at South Heath


HS2 was originally mooted in 2009, and opposed by the The Lee Parish Council amongst many others.

Since Royal Assent for the Phase 1 Bill was given, the Parish Council has been meeting regularly with HS2 Ltd and their contractors to:

  • understand local impacts of operation and argue for improved mitigation against both visual and aural intrusion
  • discuss the immediate impact of construction, and lobby for methods of construction working that are more considerate of local residents

The Parish Council meets regularly with Buckinghamshire Council and other local Parish Councils, has had several meetings with the HS2 Commissioners (appointed to oversee HS2 Ltd) and has escalated the Council’s concerns via our MP to appropriate ministers on a number of occasions.

HS2 within The Lee Parish Council

The Parish Council is represented in all HS2 related matters by the HS2 group, which is led by Cllr Colin Sully, supported by Cllrs Dick Chinnery and Ruth Fowler.

A dedicated email address of <hs2@thelee.org.uk> has been set up for correspondence; all mails sent to that address will automatically be routed to all councillors in the HS2 group as well as the Clerk. As the project progresses, it is important that residents log complains directly with HS2 Enquiries, as well as notifying the Parish Council. Our dedicated website page sets out local advice and HS2 Ltd also offer guidance on how to complain.

Latest Works

All works to be carried out are notified in advance by Advance Works Notices. The Parish Council will normally post a summary of works likely to affect local residents on the Forum; full details can be found on the HS2 website by scrolling down to the section Between Little Missenden, Great Missenden, South Heath and The Lee.

Construction working times

Construction working hours will be

  • 08.00 – 18.00 Monday – Friday
  • 08.00 – 13.00 Saturday
  • ‘Special circumstances’ can be applied for to enable work outside these hours (for example, work adjacent to the Chiltern Railway line cannot be carried out during the normal hours of railway operation)
  • Up to 1 hr ‘start-up’ time
  • Tunnelling can be carried out 24/7

Latest news

Various items of HS2 news can be found here, along with copies of all presentations given by The Lee Parish Council, whether to residents, HS2 Commissioners or other councils.

Useful contacts

HS2 local information: www.hs2inyourarea.co.uk
HS2 Helpdesk: 08081 434 434 / hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk / www.hs2.org.uk / FREEPOST, HS2 Community Engagement
HS2 complaints: www.hs2.org.uk/in-your-area/how-to-complain/
HS2 Jobs: www.hs2.org.uk/careers/careers-with-our-supply-chain/jobs
HS2 Supply Chain: www.competefor.com/hs2/ (for major works contracts); www.hs2inyourarea.co.uk (for more local supply contracts)
The Lee Parish Council HS2 group: hs2@thelee.org.uk