HS2 complaints

Construction site

As HS2 construction work in the local area intensifies, it is important that all residents lodge any complaints – about noise, vibration, traffic, road damage, working times not adhered to, etc. – directly to the project, if possible making a note of the time, place and other details as appropriate.

1. HS2 Ltd

The recommended route to complain about HS2 (or to make an enquiry) is to contact the HS2 Helpdesk on 08081 434 434 or mail hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk. or online at https://www.hs2.org.uk/in-your-area/contact-us/contact-form/ They will channel your enquiry to the appropriate person / organisation. You may get a response from HS2 Ltd, or it may be passed to a Main Works Contractor (MWC).

2. MWC – Community Engagement

There are three MWCs working in the local area, who are each charged with community engagement on their work:

  1. Fusion JV: undertaking ‘enabling’ work, including archaeology work near Grims Ditch; tree planting near Jones Hill Wood; bat mitigation off Potter Row.
  2. EKFB: constructing the line of route north of South Heath – digging out the portal and cuttings; building overbridges, viaducts, embankments and bunds.
  3. Align JV: tunneling from the south of the area to South Heath (via the shafts in the Chalfonts, Amersham, Little Missenden and Chesham Road).

If you are already in contact with one of the contractors, then you can make direct contact with their local Community Engagement Teams, however you should also always log any complaint as above, so that it is registered in their systems.

3. Buckinghamshire Council Marshals

The two Buckinghamshire Council (BC) HS2 Marshalls are responsible to BC for addressing on the ground highways and planning issues caused by the project. They can report and deal with any emergency or potential danger that makes a highway unsafe for the public regardless of time of day or night and have authority to take immediate action to swiftly resolve traffic management and planning breaches. They are BC’s eyes and ears on the ground. So, if your complaint is specifically about a traffic or planning issue, you could also contact them at ewrandhs2enquiries@buckinghamshire.gov.uk . Again, you should also log your complaint centrally with HS2 Ltd.

4. The Lee Parish Council

If you use any of the above routes, The Lee Parish Council would also be pleased to receive a copy of your complaint/enquiry at HS2@thelee.org.uk We can then raise these issues at our regular meetings with Community Engagement Managers and ask for updates, but it is important that you also complain directly. If you would like to raise an issue with us before taking it up formally elsewhere, then please also contact us at HS2@thelee.org.uk