Introduction to The Lee Forum


The Lee Forum has a hierarchical structure.

At the top level are categories of which we have several: village forums, HS2 plus one each for residents and non-residents of the parish. The major difference between the categories is who can see the posts within them – for example, whilst most members of the forum can see everything in the Village Forums category, only those living within the parish will see details of planning applications.

Below categories are forums – rather than a single forum with lots of topics, there are several each with a different focus. For example, within the village forums category, there are forums for Wanted and For Sale, Lost and Found etc.. There are two reasons for this:

  • users will be able to choose to receive notification emails for some forums and not others, reducing the amount of mail for subjects in which they aren’t so interested
  • it will be simpler to browse to find an old post on a particular subject

Within each forum are topics: these are the different subject threads that users want to discuss.

Finally within each topic are replies

In some parts of the User Guide, topics and replies are generically referred to as posts.


Ease of use
  • starting a new topic is a simple click of a buttonseparate forums with targetted focus to simplify topic based discussion simple and clean look and feel complements that of the main website
  • notifications sent to all users simultaneouslyability to specify email notification preferences by forum, no ‘all or nothing’
Reply options
  • when posting a reply, it is possible to quote all or part of the original post or an earlier replyability to Like or Dislike a post
Extra features
  • when adding a link, it is possible to specify the text to be displayed in the post in preference to the URL to which you are linkingability to tag someone in a post
Privacy and security
  • runs under SSL to ensure posts can’t be intercepted between the server and your browser
  • simple option to report a post in breach of the Code of Conduct with a single click and confirmation

And finally…

Only registered users are able to see posts to the various forums; if you aren’t already signed up, please complete a Registration Form.

This User Guide in combination with the FAQs should tell you everything you need to know about the operation of The Lee Forum, but if there’s anything we’ve missed then please contact us or raise a query in the Forum Support forum.

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