May 2020 Newsletter

In view of the on-going COVID-19 lockdown, the Editorial Team has decided that it is not reasonable (nor essential) to print and distribute physically all the copies of the May Newsletter. However, recognising that the Newsletter can serve an especially useful purpose at this difficult time, this edition is available to read online by everyone who has access to the Internet; it can also be printed from the Internet by following the instructions below. There are three versions of the May edition of The Lee Newsletter. Two for viewing online and for ‘simple printing’; the third is for printing in ‘booklet format’ as the Newsletter is normally distributed. (Note: to print this third version you will need a printer capable of double-sided printing.)

Online / simple printing

This Online double-page version opens as a .pdf file for reading online in double-page spread mode.

The Online single-page version presents each page one at a time and might be more suitable for reading on a phone or tablet.

As well as printing single pages, any or all of the double-page spreads can also be printed as pairs of pages,
[Note: that when you print ‘Page 1’ of the .pdf file, it will print the front and back covers; ‘ Page 2 of the .pdf will print pages 2 and 3 of the Newsletter; Page 3 of the .pdf will print pages 4 and 5 of the Newsletter… and so on. Remember also to print in ‘Landscape’ and to set the Scale or Fit to ‘Printable Area‘ or ‘Fit to Page‘.

Booklet printing (not for reading online)

The Booklet version also opens as a .pdf file which can be printed back-to-back, remembering to print ‘All pages‘ set the orientation to ‘Landscape’ and the double-sided printing to ‘Flip on the short-side’.

If you have any problems reading or printing the Newsletter, then please contact us at <>.