Password Reset

From time to time it’s necessary to reset a password – either because you’ve lost the old one, or because you want to change your password on a regular basis. Regardless of the reason, the process is always the same:

  • request a reset, which will send an email with a link to allow you to set your password
  • click the link in the mail to reset the password

Step by step guidance for all of this is shown below..

Before you start, some warnings:

  • Password reset links are only valid for 24 hours, so please do action the link as soon as you receive it.
  • If you request multiple password resets, then each link will supersede the previous. This means that only the latest link you receive will be valid.
  • Although usually password reset links arrive promptly, we have had instances where they have gone missing. If you haven’t received a password reset email half an hour after requesting it, try again.

Step 1

Go to the Forum 2020 home page, and click Login

Step 2

When the login screen is shown, type your User Name and click the Lost your Password? link

Step 3

Enter your User Name again (so as the system knows where to send your password reset link) and click the Get New Password button

Once you’ve clicked Get New Password, you’ll see a message to check your email.

Step 4

You’ll be sent an email from <> with a subject of [TheLee] Password reset. The email should arrive fairly promptly, but can sometimes take 15-30 minutes. If it still hasn’t arrived after that time, please check your spam folder.

The email will look like the one below, and will contain a link which you will need to click.

Step 5

After you click the link, a new tab will open asking you to enter the new password. A default password will be shown which will be a strong password, but not very easy to remember! If you prefer, delete the characters that are there and enter the password you would like to set – for security, follow the hint to make sure that you have chosen a strong password.

Once you’re happy with your chosen password, click the Reset Password button

Unless you particularly want to use the password that has been generated for you, delete all the characters shown and type in the password that you prefer.

Step 6

You’re all ready to log in! Click the Log In link, then enter your User Name and the password you’ve just chosen to log in.

It is helpful to select the Remember Me checkbox so that future logins are faster, and you won’t be asked to re-enter your password on the same device as frequently. Many browsers can also remember your passwords for which you will be prompted after logging in if you so choose.

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