The Lee Parish Council

Aerial view of The Parish, a chequerboard of fields and woodland.

The Lee Parish Council’s Role is to:

  • represent the interests and concerns of parishioners of The Lee to the Buckinghamshire Unitary Council and other bodies where relevant, particularly with regard to planning applications, roads and footpaths
  • manage the Oxford Street playground, the allotments in Lee Common and other Parish Council assets
  • act as a focus for wider discussion of parish issues including the impact of HS2 and the development of superfast broadband

The information held on this site includes:


The Lee Parish Council can be contacted via the Clerk (Hayley Farrelly) at:

PO Box 933
Great Missenden
HP16 6BU

telephone icon 07769 698652 email icon

Members of the Parish Council are:

Chair: Cllr Colin Sully (email icon
Vice Chair: Cllr Dick Chinnery (email icon
Cllr Heather Barrett-Mold (email icon
Cllr Adam Bunce (email icon
Cllr Jamie Wilkinson (email icon
Cllr Colin Little (email icon
Cllr Nick Rose (email icon

Other useful contact details for questions or exchange of information are:

Website and forum (email
HS2 construction and operation (email

Frequently asked questions

How often does The Lee Parish Council meet?

The Lee PC meets six times per year, usually on the second Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September and November.

How many members are there of The Lee Parish Council?

The are five councillors in addition to the Chair and Vice-Chair, making a total of seven.

How are councillors chosen?

Members of The Lee Parish are elected for a four year term, with elections being held at the same time as those for Buckinghamshire Council. The Parish Council has the option to co-opt a replacement if a councillor steps down mid-term, without the need for a by-election.