Privacy Policy: The Lee website, Newsletter and Forum


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018 requiring UK and EU organisations to clearly state what they use personal data for and what individual rights are when it comes to data and its use. This Regulation applies to all organisations, including The Lee Parish Council, the owners of this website, and The Lee Newsletter, which is a separate not-for profit local community group.

Data held by The Lee Newsletter, website and Forum

Personal data may be held by The Lee Newsletter, website or Forum about regular or occasional contributors to the Newsletter (whether through articles or letters), Newsletter advertisers, Newsletter distributors and subscribers to The Lee Forum. Personal details come to the Newsletter, website and Forum from contact by email, directly onto the Forum and sometimes by telephone or in written format.

Personal data retained by The Lee Newsletter, website and Forum may include:

  • Email address of a person or business
  • Postal address of a person or business
  • Telephone contact details of a person or business
  • Business or personal name
  • (In the case of The Lee Forum subscribers), an access password
  • (In connection with a Newsletter article or a letter or a Forum message), other details of a person or business.

Use of data

These data are kept for the express purpose of communicating with the individual and to help the individual to communicate with the general public in The Lee and the surrounding villages through the Newsletter, with website visitors and with other Forum members, as appropriate. Contact details for local organisations are also regularly published in the Newsletter and on the website. Personal data is stored solely for the use of The Lee Newsletter, website and Forum and is not shared with any other entities, except with the express written consent of the submitter.

Your rights

You may receive an occasional, monthly or annual communication by email or otherwise from the Newsletter, website or Forum because of the nature of your interaction.

You have the right to ask what personal data is held about you. Such enquiries should be addressed (in the case of the Newsletter) to <> or (in the case of the website/Forum) to <>

You also have the right to ask to be removed from any email circulation list by request to the same email address.