Register and Login

You must be logged in to see any posts to the Forum. When you first visit the forum you will either have to Register to create a new account or Login if you already have an account:

screenshot of the forum when not logged in - there's a message that the user needs to login

To Register

Click Register to create a new account. You will be redirected to the User Registration form, which you will need to complete and submit. You will immediately receive an acknowledgement of your application from <>, however all registration applications are manually checked by the Admin team, so you will not receive immediate confirmation of your login credentials.

Once your application has been approved and processed you will receive another email from <> confirming your account, and can then begin participating in the forum. You will also be presented with an opportunity to set your password. Click the set password link to do so.

sample email showing link to reset password

You can then either:

  • accept the displayed password by clicking the Reset Password button OR
  • delete the displayed characters and replace them with your preferred password before clicking the button.
screenshot showing the password set/reset screen

After clicking Reset Password, your password will be reset.

screenshot confirming that the password has been reset

To Login

Click Login to start participating.

login screen example

It is helpful to select the Remember Me checkbox so that future logins are faster, and you won’t be asked to re-enter your password on the same device as frequently. Many browsers can also remember your passwords for which you will be prompted after logging in if you so choose.

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