Subscribing to a Topic

When someone has created or replied to a topic for which you are interested in getting notifications of all updates, you need to use the Subscribe To Topic feature. For example, you are interested in a topic that a user creates about someone acting suspiciously and want to receive more information without having to login to the site. Setting this feature to subscribe to a topic will send you an email notification and link when new replies to the topic are made.

Note: If you want to reply, you must login; you can’t reply to the email and have that automatically added to the discussion.

Here is how you subscribe to a topic (go to the topic you want first).

screenshot highlighting the Subscribe to a Topic button

Here is how you unsubscribe from a topic (go to the topic you want first). If you are no longer interested in following the topic, simply unsubscribe from it.

screenshot highlighting the Unsubscribe from the Topic button

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