By default you won’t receive email notifications for any new posts. Instead, you have to set subscriptions to indicate exactly when you would like to receive notifications:

  • for all new topics
  • new topics only in certain forums
  • all new topics and all replies
  • replies to specified topics

These options are discussed in the various links below.

Subscription settings
Subscribing to a forum
Subscribing to a topic
Removing all subscriptions

All notification messages to which you subscribe are sent by <>. Please make sure that your junk mail settings allow these messages and they aren’t wrongly identified as spam – the simplest way to ensure this is to add <> to your email contacts or whitelist the forum’s email address.

When you receive a notification message, please be aware of the following if you want to reply:

  1. Replying to the email notification does not post a reply to the forum – it just sends an email to the forum’s inbox which is not actively monitored.
  2. If you want all subscribed forum members to see your reply, then please click the link in the notification to be taken directly to the forum topics so as you can post a reply.
  3. If your reply is intended solely for the person who has started the topic – for instance if buying or selling an item – then please reply to the contact details supplied in the original post rather than posting to the forum.
  4. If you click the link in the notification in order to reply, and get a message which looks like one of those below, don’t worry. All this means is that you aren’t currently logged in to the forum, and therefore aren’t able to see any posts. Click Login, enter your username/email address and password, and you’ll be good to go.
screenshot of the forum, with a message warning that a logged out user cannot access the content
screenshot of the forum, with a message prompting the user to log in

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