Tagging Users

The tagging feature allows you to mention other users in your posts, whether starting a new topic or replying to an existing one. You can tag as many users as you would like, with each person who is referenced receiving an email with the link to the topic in question.

Note: Being tagged does not mean you are automatically subscribed. You are simply being mentioned and being alerted that you were mentioned. If others also mention you, you will receive additional notifications each time.

To tag someone you need to mention their user name preceded by an “@”.

instructions to mention/tag another user in a post - type an "@", start typing their name and then choose the entry from the list of all matching usernames

Note: If you mention someone in your post just by typing their name, but don’t specify their user name preceded by an “@”, then this will be assumed to be normal text and the mentioned user won’t get a notification email.

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