The Lee Forum 2020 FAQs

Who can see posts on the forum?
Only registered users are able to see posts. Although most users will be able to see all posts, some users will have restricted access. In particular, the HS2 forum can be seen by a wider audience than the village forums, whilst only residents of The Lee Parish can see planning applications.

Who can register?
The Lee Forum 2020 is open to all residents of The Lee parish and adjacent villages. Applicants from further afield may be given ‘read-only’ access to the Forum, unless they can demonstrate a reason for full-membership which would contribute to the enjoyment and benefit of members.

Why does registration take so long?
In order to keep the local focus of the forum, all applications are manually reviewed and processed.

Who runs The Lee Forum 2020
The Forum is run and administered by The Lee Parish Council, for the benefit of all parishioners.

I’m not sure in which forum to post a topic.
Don’t worry, just post in Miscellaneous. If the adminstrators and moderators feel that there is a better home which is likely to increase the target audience for your post, they’ll move it.

I’ve changed my mind about a post, can I delete it?
No, there is no mechanism for users to delete their own posts – this is to avoid confusion were notification emails to be sent about a topic that no longer exists.

I’ve spotted an error in my post, can I amend it?
We’ve all spotted the typos as we hit Submit, so it’s possible for posts to be edited for correction within 10 minutes of posting. This functionality is not intended to be used if someone has changed their mind about a post, as confusion could be caused if mails were radically amended after email notifications have been received by other users.

Why don’t you allow commercial posts?
The Lee Parish Council does not raise revenue from advertising, nor does it wish to submit users to advertising. If you have commercial goods or services that you would like to advertise to residents of The Lee, please consider an advert in the monthly newsletter.

How do you define a commercial post?
The rule of thumb is that if you are advertising goods or services, income from which should be declared on a tax return, it’s a commercial post. If in doubt, please contact the forum administrators before posting, as they reserve the right to remove posts they deem inappropriate.

Why won’t you allow political comment?
The Lee Forum 2020 is hosted via The Lee Parish Council website. The Parish Council is apolitical, and therefore the forum is not an appropriate vehicle for party political comment or discussion.