The Lee Forum

The Lee Forum is for the exchange of information amongst those who live in The Lee and surrounding villages. Possible uses are:

  • information about local events
  • requests for assistance or recommendations
  • small items for sale or wanted
  • sharing news or pictures
  • security information (e.g. suspicious events)

The Forum should not be used for any advertising of a commercial nature, nor for any party political discussions.

The Lee Forum was first set up in 2009 as a bespoke forum created by Andrew Burnett, to whom many thanks are due. Ten years later the main village website had been rebuilt and moved under the auspices of The Lee Parish Council, who decided that the forum should similarly be rebuilt to be fully integrated with the website under the administration of the Parish Council.

The new forum, known as The Lee Forum 2020, was launched in January 2020, with the main improvements being:

  • removal of constraints on despatch of emails, so everyone receives notifications promptly and at the same time
  • separate forums with targetted focus to simplify topic based discussion
  • improved users’ security and privacy (you can see the padlock next to the URL in your browser’s address bar)
  • cleaner look and feel in line with that of the rest of the website

After a year of operation, some membership statistics are:

Resident within The Lee ParishResident in neighbouring villagesOthersTotal

The breakdown of posts in the various categories is:

Forum categoryNo postsPercentage
Wanted and for sale61733%
Can you recommend18110%
Lost and found1598%
Shop at The Lee1136%
The Lee Parish Council543%
Forum support483%

Useful links are:

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